Monday, December 27, 2010

SS3 Singapore : [Malaysia+Singapore] Mini-Banner Project


to those who are attending this upcoming SS3 in Singapore on 29 Jan 2011, i like you to read this awesome project and participate if possible ^^


A few months ago we announced our affiliation with SS3@SG as you read here (HERE). After much discussion, we have decided to collaborate with SS3@SG for a fan project that will be held on the 29th of January (1st concert) . This post will be about the actual project, our application for project leaders and also donations towards the event.

Our special collaboration with SS3@SG will be a mini-banner project. The mini banner will be printed and then distributed during the concert. The banner will be free for all ELF during the concert, but will only be distributed to ELF seating in the seats we have pre-selected.

This is a picture of the banner, which says "감사합니다". Which basically means, "Thank You" in Korean. This is in a way to thank SJ for the amazing performance they put on and for everything they have done for ELF up to today. Although it's a simple message, we hope that the project will move them and that they'll appreciate it.

Posted Image

Project Leaders ---✩
In order for the project to go well, we plan to select "Project Leaders" which will come from each Terrace. The terraces are blocks ( T34, T35, T36, T37, T38, T39, T40, T01, T02, T03, T04, T05, T06, T07, T08, T09, T10,T11, T12, T13 and T14 ) There will be one leader from each Terrace and that leader will be required to do a few things, such as :

1. Brief everyone in their Terrace about the project.
2. Answer questions about the project.
3. Remind ELF in that Terrace when it is almost about time for the project occur.
4. Lead the project when the time comes

We are looking for sociable and responsible individuals that are willing to lead their section well to ensure the success of this project. They must also be committed and open minded when it comes to the project taking into consideration the occasional frustration of working with other people and dealing with different personalities. We accept people coming from any country, whom MUST be free 2-3 hours prior to the concert and have a reasonable grasp of English. The more languages you speak, the better.

If you are interested and feel capable for the job, please e-mail in the following format :



Full Name (As per Identification Card/Passport) :
Contact Number (Handphone): (Please include country code e.g. +6 )
Active E-Mail Address :
Age :
From Which Country :

Ticket No.: (e.g. Row 14, Block T10 )
Language(s) Spoken : (Please label which language is your native/first language)
Why do you think you are capable of becoming a project leader? ( No more than 50 words) :

** Please read the requirements carefully before applying and also ensure that all you're details are fully filled out before sending the email application. Also take note that sending an application does not guarantee that you will get the position as we will choose whoever we see best fitted to the job.

Donations ---✩
Lastly, as the banners need to be printed out etc. We need donations to fund this project and ensure that it is successful. To donate for the project, please bank-in your money to:

Natasha Iman Bt Mohd Azri Periasamy
Bank: Maybank
Acc. No. : 112362299692

** Please PM 슈퍼HEE✭ or Natasha94 at ChocoFam to confirm your donation!
** can ask them at Twitter @cheng_san or @NinjaNat94 :)

We strongly encourage everyone to donate towards this project, especially the Malaysian ELF that will be attending SS3 Singapore, as it is a great way to support our fellow ELF to make their concert a great one.

If you have any questions regarding the position of "project leaders", donations or even just the projects, feel free to leave a reply here, reply us on twitter or send us an email.

Thanks ELF!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspiring Korea Night 2010

Let me share with all of you about this amazing night I attended few days ago. I really enjoyed myself regardless the embarrassing moments I have to endure on stage :D

This event happened on 2th Dec in Grand Ballroom, Royal Chulan Hotel where we met all KTO related associates and some travel agencies. We got reps from AirAsia, MATTA and 8tv (just to mention few names).

They even had "I'm a Kpop Celebrity Contest" where the contestants dressed them up according to Kpop Celebrity. We even got to see Taeyang, Shinee and Orange Caramel ;p Sooo fun!! We, who didn't have intention to join the contest...some kind of allured to participate and guess what.....we are F(x) in hanbok~~~

The food were awesome....feels like my stomach will explode!! Let's feast your eyes with some pictures...

- the table mates - 

- another table mates and yummy Bibimbap - 

- with SKC's Mae. You are the best!! - 

- with contestants Blueberry Caramel - 

- the F(x) in hanbok: Krystal, Victoria & Sulli. Luna a.k.a Nik went home early though -

....and the most awesome thing happened that night that we won the Best Costume Award. clap clap clap~~


Just for you to know Cik is my beloved mom.....that's what we called her. My sisters are in our hometown and they get to celebrate it with this yummy cheese cake :D

I pray for my mom's health and happiness...... I LOVE YOU CIK!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love Super Junior Kangin? Let's Spazz Here

it's been a little hiatus for me in blogger-world and forum for a lots of idea but no passion on writing it XDD (i know...i know....i'm the one to blame)

so i take today is the day to refresh my page.....
as for all SUPER JUNIOR's lovers.....i'm sure you all know where to reach if you want the best fangirling mode hehe.....and i'm doing it now. 

to those who love Kangin (who's in army now), you can join and spread the virus here in and go to Individual Members Spazz Threads. you can click at Kangin's thread over there :)
here is the link 

cr: @Heedictator twitter


Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Junior 5th Anniversary Projects


6th November 2010 is nearing. Are you ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary? do you planned something? if you're not (or already planned something), why don't you check out these 2 project hosted by 


Activity: SJ Congratulatory message in EPOP! [all the massege will be featured in EPOP! magazine Malay version
Due Date : 4th October 2010
--> all you have to do is leave your short massege there in the forum. Here is the link 


Activity: Scrapbook for SJ [this is a meet up event]
Date: 25 or 26 Sept 2010 (to be confirmed)
Venue: The Gardens Food Court - 3rd Floor (next to MidValley Megamall)
--> CF decided to make this scrapbook more personal, meaning that you ELF will be the ones to design in! We will have a meet-up (details are below) to do this scrapbook. To make sure that everything goes according to plan, we have already prepared a list of events and information about the events that you will have design.

So this means that on the day of the meet-up, you will be given an event and on a piece of coloured paper you'll have to design a layout for that event. There's not specific layout that you'll have to follow so you can personalise it any way you like! You will also be supplied with a list of common Korean words and the event title in hangul so that the boys will understand what you have written. We will also be printing out pictures on glossy paper that you can use for the page that you will design. Then our staff will compile all the pages and make it a scrapbook. [cr:]

--> here is the link 


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SKC's Members' Day ^_^

i think it is not too late to share this joyful day with all of you...all i can say is this event was really great even though i'm a bit late to get there. when i reached there, the Gimbap Making competition is about to end :( thought i would able to join that....but after that i manage into the gimbap delicacies ^^ (feel happy) along with ttoebokkgi (spicy rice cake), kimchi & fried glass noodle. Yummy!!

at the end of the event, the SKC had Korean traditional game competition. One person can only choose to play one game. either 'Tuho' or 'Jegi'. i swear the 'Tuho' was a lot harder than i think it is. haih......luckily, my sister win the 1st prize worth RM300 for 'Jegi' game :) i don't have the pic for 'Jegi' game but i have one for 'Tuho' (too busy cheering for my sis to snap pic hehe)

1Malaysia - Korean Wave

i'm working again tonite. actually its the 2nd nite for this week...but then i'm not anticipate it like other days. dunno why. mood swing? i guess so. selalunya if keje malam i'll surely look forward since that time la aku banyak buat keje-keje haram kat ofis kan hehe...u know what i meant.
and tonight, mase tengah berjalan-jalan di this link on my timeline. siyesly cannot remember from who i got this but it really catches my eyes. i don't know how i missed this article few months ago (i think that was the time the article published on newspaper) LOL~~ 

and the caption on the picture certainly not coming from me ekeke.....thanx for who's feeding this on my timeline.

after read this article, all i cam say is that i agree for most of the opinion laid out there coz the 1Malaysia concept is supposed to be broadened in any way that possible. not just in context of our local mind. the writer also mentioned that he's sending his daughter to the concert with her Malay fren. that is the prove, to name one, that we can realize the 1Malaysia concept in garnering the same interests we have with other people regardless the race. 

and i'm quite agree when the writer mentioned that our PM and his committee can take this event as an example where mutual interest can lead to more happiness and harmony ^_^

p/s: this SuJu world that introduces me to the strangers who's then become frens regardless the race or religion. now i have contacts from Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh and of course all around Malaysia hehe....

ini gathering kilat sempena kedatangan org besau kite iaitu AtenTeuKyu ke KL haha....

*ini sesi fotografi di TS setelah memporak-porandakan poket sendiri*

*sesi fotografi semasa karaoke*lol~~

pendek kata, SuJu telah memperjodohkan kami semua ^_^ hwaiting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 Ramadhan Menjelma Lagi

...tapi kali ini disambut di ofis huhu. Bekerja pada 1 Ramadhan lain rasenya.

Pastu berbuka juga di ofis untuk dua hari berikutnya. Sangat la tidak best...

Kepada kawan-kawan semua tak kire lah kawan skolah atau kawan matrix atau kawan ukm atau kawan blog, semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa seribu keberkatan kepada kite. Same2 lah kita perbanyakkan amalan. Amin...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saranghaeyo Korea Club Member's Day Event (you can join too if you're not a member yet)

Great Day all,

For all registered KTO' SKC members....this event surely a compulsary ^^

KTO will organize the event only for SKC members, SKC Members’ Day.
Detail about the event is like as below.

Saranghaeyo Korea Club Members’ Day
Date :  7 Aug 2010, Saturday
Time :  10:00am-04:00pm
Venue :  Korea Plaza, GF Menera Hapseng, Jl. P. Ramlee, KL.
Activities :
-      Korean Food Trial Session :  Tteokbokgi, Kim-bap
-     Korean Traditional Folk Game Competition
l  Jegi-Chagi (male) : Jegi-chagi (제기차기) is kind of a game of hacky sack. jegi-chagi (제기차기) uses a shuttlecock.  The tip of the shuttlecock is covered with a coin.  A piece of cloth covers the coin.  This allows the shuttlecock to have a light base and a heavy top.  The goal is to keep the shuttlecock in the air, using just your legs.  If you use your arms or let it fall to the ground, then you’ve lost the game
l  Tuho(Female) :  Tuho (투호) is a game where you throw arrows into a vase.  The person who has the most arrows in the vase is the winner.  The vases may have several holes.  The main hole is in the middle.  The goal is to try to get the most arrows in the main hole.  The other holes don’t count
l  You can check Korean Traditional Folk Game via this video clip
l  Prize(Each competition)
Winner : RM300
First runner up : RM200
Second runner up : RM100
-       OX Quiz : several questions about Korea, SKC and KTO.

Every member who participates in the event will be given membership goodies(TBC).
Every member who attends the event can get 5 points for participation in SKC events.
Those who already get the membership card, please do not forget to bring it.
Those who didn’t pay the registration fee or didn’t register, can pay on that day and get the membership item at the same time. 

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Yuni at Tel: +603-21439000 or Fax: 03-2142 2515 or E-mail:

or you can go to their Facebook account here.

p/s: KTO will show us 2009 Dream Concert....daebak~~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I know i have few things in mind that i want to share here but can't find the right time to write. Simply said, my hands are full with a son with me

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ini baru betul laman sesawang.... is exactly 80th day since the last time i'm updated this blog. it is truly a cobweb's place haha....

i've pretty occupied with my SuJu-world and lots of things happened though~~ i will put a summary in these 80 days of my missing in blogging-land.

1. i have more interest in SuJu and occupied myself in the new world of Twitter-land haha....

2. my head was filled with plans at that time which consumed a lot time in my schedule.

3. i had my 3-weeks off from my work just to have my second trip to U.S.A with my family and came back home with's hot in Texas haha...but it was colder in Los Angeles ^^

4. one week later, my friend Fad was engaged to long time bf, Mr Raven. but unfortunately i can't attend it coz i had another commitment on that day. Tahniah by the way. Hadiah tu nanti aku bagi mase korang kawin yer....

cr: zeze yg amik pic ni

5. Joined the (Saranghaeyo Korean Club) SKC's event - Street Cheering for The Reds (South Korean football team) in Ampang Korean Community. The best experienced ever.....hehe. The Koreans surely high in passion for their country ^^

6. i registered myself to forum and joined the 1st gathering dedicated to Malaysian ELF! yeay!! it was so much fun and lots of Korean foods! Daebak!!


7. i've become the Spazz Leader for Kang-in at Chocofam forum!! this super excited. Gazzilion thanks to the mods!

8. then tonight...i've found out that another friend of mine got a 'merisik' session on 10.07.2010. WOW!!...nak join Fad la tuh. ciss

~that's all i can think of now~
~till later~ 

Friday, April 30, 2010

dah nak bertunang

tibe-tibe hari ni aku dikejutkan ngan berita yg minah Fad Kurus nak bertunang.





This is a last-minute project and done individually without any fanclub support + fund, so I hope everyone would support this mini project Malaysian ELF made for Super Junior 4th album. :D

So this is what we gonna do.

1. Stick up posters (self-printed A4 paper,etc) in public places. But make sure you got the permission first just in case you got warned later.

2. Online promotion by putting banners/images in your blog,Facebook,Twitter,etc. This online support project is also done by

When? They were unconfirmed news from some fansite that 4jib MV teaser will be released on 4th May, so this project has to be done before that date.

NOTICE: PLEASE READ! By agreeing to join this it also means you're using E.L.F. name in the public. Your action might affect Super Junior image to all Malaysia citizens. So you MUST agree to do the following:
- Ask for the place owner permission before pasting/sticking/distributing the poster/flyers in their place.
- Take care of the environment and don't throw rubbish/posters/flyers freely.
- Show good attitude and manner because you are representing E.L.F. as a whole.
- Paste/stick it in a proper/suitable/appropriate place. Do not paste or stick it near/in/on a trash bin or somewhere that you would find dirty. Love the poster as much as you love Super Junior.

Below are lists of people who would help in sticking up the mini posters in their places according to state name. Take note the printing cost will be paid by yourself, if you choose Black + White printing for A4 paper it would be cheaper. :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below if you can help but don't forget to include your name,location,contact num/email/Facebook.
OR SMS me your name,location,contact num/email/Facebook to : 019-8442863 (PLEASE do not call and SMS only for 4Jib purpose).

Kuala Lumpur

Name: Hazriq Ishak & team mate
FB: Hazriq Ishak
Website: link


Name: Atiqah Sedan
Location: Batu Pahat
Email/FB: / atiqah sedan


Name: Izzie


Name: Nik Nurfatin bt. Md Yaacop
Location: Kota Bharu
Contact no: 019-9047374
Email/FB: Tin
Additional info; Location to distribute posters or flyers: KB mall (mainly CD store) will ask the owner if they can put in the flyers when customer buy their CD and i will stick the poster size A3 at the shop..hope it will help people recognize SUPER JUNIOR!!


Name: NawalChan
Email/FB: / NawalChan

Negeri Sembilan



Name: Nur Farhanah Durrar bt. Zainal


Pulau Pinang

Name: Nik Nur Adriana



Name: Iman

Name: Nabihah

Name: Hazriq Ishak & team mate
FB: Hazriq Ishak
Website: link

Name: Nur Atiq bt. Abu Bakar
Location: UniSel Kuala Selangor
Contact no: 013-3106908
Email/FB: / Atiq Abu Bakar
Additional info: location to distribute flyers - i will distribute the flayers in UNISEL KUAlA SELANGOR..i will go to their home/hostel to distribute the flayers..if they don't open the door..i will stick the flayers in front their door house..

Name: Tem Yahya

Name: Nurhasnita Azwa
Location: Ampang
Contact no: 017-6675739
Email/FB: / link


Name: Heekmah
Location: Bintulu
Contact no: 019-8442863

cr: : i just have to share this :)