Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspiring Korea Night 2010

Let me share with all of you about this amazing night I attended few days ago. I really enjoyed myself regardless the embarrassing moments I have to endure on stage :D

This event happened on 2th Dec in Grand Ballroom, Royal Chulan Hotel where we met all KTO related associates and some travel agencies. We got reps from AirAsia, MATTA and 8tv (just to mention few names).

They even had "I'm a Kpop Celebrity Contest" where the contestants dressed them up according to Kpop Celebrity. We even got to see Taeyang, Shinee and Orange Caramel ;p Sooo fun!! We, who didn't have intention to join the contest...some kind of allured to participate and guess what.....we are F(x) in hanbok~~~

The food were awesome....feels like my stomach will explode!! Let's feast your eyes with some pictures...

- the table mates - 

- another table mates and yummy Bibimbap - 

- with SKC's Mae. You are the best!! - 

- with contestants Blueberry Caramel - 

- the F(x) in hanbok: Krystal, Victoria & Sulli. Luna a.k.a Nik went home early though -

....and the most awesome thing happened that night that we won the Best Costume Award. clap clap clap~~


noorafzan said...

mmg dah jangka..
arina mmg selalu menang best dress.
congrats dear =)

^arina^ said...

hahaha thanx afzan....
tuah yang datang bergolek je tuh ^^

ento said...

wow! superb! siap mmg best dress..caya lah na!!

^arina^ said...

haha xde la superb sgt....