Friday, April 30, 2010

dah nak bertunang

tibe-tibe hari ni aku dikejutkan ngan berita yg minah Fad Kurus nak bertunang.





This is a last-minute project and done individually without any fanclub support + fund, so I hope everyone would support this mini project Malaysian ELF made for Super Junior 4th album. :D

So this is what we gonna do.

1. Stick up posters (self-printed A4 paper,etc) in public places. But make sure you got the permission first just in case you got warned later.

2. Online promotion by putting banners/images in your blog,Facebook,Twitter,etc. This online support project is also done by

When? They were unconfirmed news from some fansite that 4jib MV teaser will be released on 4th May, so this project has to be done before that date.

NOTICE: PLEASE READ! By agreeing to join this it also means you're using E.L.F. name in the public. Your action might affect Super Junior image to all Malaysia citizens. So you MUST agree to do the following:
- Ask for the place owner permission before pasting/sticking/distributing the poster/flyers in their place.
- Take care of the environment and don't throw rubbish/posters/flyers freely.
- Show good attitude and manner because you are representing E.L.F. as a whole.
- Paste/stick it in a proper/suitable/appropriate place. Do not paste or stick it near/in/on a trash bin or somewhere that you would find dirty. Love the poster as much as you love Super Junior.

Below are lists of people who would help in sticking up the mini posters in their places according to state name. Take note the printing cost will be paid by yourself, if you choose Black + White printing for A4 paper it would be cheaper. :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below if you can help but don't forget to include your name,location,contact num/email/Facebook.
OR SMS me your name,location,contact num/email/Facebook to : 019-8442863 (PLEASE do not call and SMS only for 4Jib purpose).

Kuala Lumpur

Name: Hazriq Ishak & team mate
FB: Hazriq Ishak
Website: link


Name: Atiqah Sedan
Location: Batu Pahat
Email/FB: / atiqah sedan


Name: Izzie


Name: Nik Nurfatin bt. Md Yaacop
Location: Kota Bharu
Contact no: 019-9047374
Email/FB: Tin
Additional info; Location to distribute posters or flyers: KB mall (mainly CD store) will ask the owner if they can put in the flyers when customer buy their CD and i will stick the poster size A3 at the shop..hope it will help people recognize SUPER JUNIOR!!


Name: NawalChan
Email/FB: / NawalChan

Negeri Sembilan



Name: Nur Farhanah Durrar bt. Zainal


Pulau Pinang

Name: Nik Nur Adriana



Name: Iman

Name: Nabihah

Name: Hazriq Ishak & team mate
FB: Hazriq Ishak
Website: link

Name: Nur Atiq bt. Abu Bakar
Location: UniSel Kuala Selangor
Contact no: 013-3106908
Email/FB: / Atiq Abu Bakar
Additional info: location to distribute flyers - i will distribute the flayers in UNISEL KUAlA SELANGOR..i will go to their home/hostel to distribute the flayers..if they don't open the door..i will stick the flayers in front their door house..

Name: Tem Yahya

Name: Nurhasnita Azwa
Location: Ampang
Contact no: 017-6675739
Email/FB: / link


Name: Heekmah
Location: Bintulu
Contact no: 019-8442863

cr: : i just have to share this :)

Let's buy 4th albums ONLY from Korean domestics CD stores & DVDHeaven to make SJ win! We can't afford to lose!

P.S. Please spread this message to all ELF/SJ’d forums, blogs, facebook/twitter, to ask all ELFs to buy Korean version A of the 4th Album, to participate in boosting digital scores and voting! These are all the major things we should do to win in 2010! Let us create miracles for the 4th Album!

ELF, the 4th Album, We Can’t Afford to Lose.

After the release of the 4th Album, we do not know what is going to happen. As all of you would know, Han Geng is terminating his contract with SM, Kang-In may still not be coming back, Ki-Bum is concentrating on his acting, and also, Lee-Teuk and Hee-Chul have met the time to get into the army. And followed by that, all Super Junior members will also have to get into the army consecutively (for about 2 years), which means we are not sure if there is another Album.

The best-case scenario will be the continuation of SJ sub-groups, but SJ is now facing the “5-Year-Curse” of Korean male groups because they are celebrating the 5th Anniversary in 2010. Until now, only Shin-Hwa has overcome this curse and continued to perform as a group, and TVXQ also reached their 6th Year. But, how about us? There are still many problems ahead of us. Only if the 4th Album is successful, EXTREMELY successful, SJ would have the chance to continue. Because of our effort, we have the 4th Album. That’s why we work MUCH HARDER to get the 5th, the 6th Album…

In Korea, as we can see from Korean entertainment programs, SJ is at a place between popular and unpopular. We have to let SJ become the group that everyone will look up to through this 4th Album, and this depends on how hard we work!

There is not going to be 13 people on stage, feel sad? But we still have to face the situation.
Because no matter how many of them are on stage, SJ is still the group that we need to guard.

In fact, to make the 4th Album a great success, is the only best thing we can do, isn’t it?
If we miss the 4th Album, we may be missing them for our entire life.
So, we should give our love to them at once, at least, to leave a good memory.

Last year, although we had bought the 3rd Album, many people had bought them wrongly. Some thought that if they had bought a Korean legal Version of the album, then it would be reflected on the Korean local sales chart. Some even bought pirated versions of the album without realizing that…

This year, we cannot let these happen again!! Never!! Because the 4th Album is very likely to be the last, if you love SJ, please make sure that what you bought are all reflected on the Korean domestic album sales chart. If not, why do you have to buy it? We cannot afford to lose any single album.

Just by spending a few more dollars to make sure that everything is counted, isn’t that worth to spend?

If there are ELFs that still insist on supporting their own country’s album sales, then I can tell you: what Super Junior really needs is a respectable position in Korean Music Industry! In Korea, they are still not the King.

In fact, their popularity in overseas countries is already high enough, and so there is no need to show their popularity by the album sales in other countries.
This time, we must work hard on their work in Korea.

Regard each time as the last time, so we will not regret.

No matter what is your nationality or how long have you been in love with SJ, as long as you are an ELF, you have the duty to fully support them! We need your participation in the 4th Album!

Dearest ELFs, we cannot take any risk, we cannot afford to lose!
Please be prepared to devote ourselves fully!

Please read the following information carefully regarding purchasing the 4th Album:
Rules of Korean annual Album sales chart:

(1) The chart is based on the sales at Korean domestics CD stores
Only those albums purchased from Korean local stores will be counted.
[That means you cannot purchase them through CD stores in your country (YesAsia is not counted!!) It is because they get the albums directly from SME, which do not go through any Korean domestic music stores.]

(2) The chart only reflects the sales of Korean Version A albums.
Taiwanese version, Japanese version, Hong Kong version, Pirated version, B/C/D version, they are all not counted.
[Korean Version A album is the key of SJ’s success, so we must support, and buy as much as you can. And for versions of your country, they are used to fight for their coming to your country. So you can buy that too, buy both versions!!
Suggestion: Get Korean Version A through Korean music stores, and get the other versions in your country’s music stores.]

(3) Keep your receipt
As long as you have a receipt for the Korean Versions, they are all reflected on the sales chart. If there is anything wrong with the chart, we can show the officials that we have really purchased the album.

P.S. Please spread this message to all ELF/SJ’d forums, blogs, facebook/twitter, to ask all ELFs to buy Korean version A of the 4th Album.Don't buy from your countries.Only buying albums from Korean domestic CD stores can help SJ! [refer to:]

Hanteo chart is one of the most representable and important album sales chart in Korea. Therefore, many fans (like TVXQ, Big Bang and SNSD’s) will purchase CDs from Hanteo CD stores to boost the singer’s album sales.

*The best way for Overseas' ELF to buy albums(Attention to all forums):DVDHeaven
(This is an english website,and many ways are provided for payment.
Special thanks to Ha Linh Nguyen,Yan 태희동해and Clarice Fung for telling me about this great website!)

[Copy from DVDHeaven website]
Our sales Reflected to [hanteo chart] and MIAK (Music Industry Association of Korea).

We guarantee your purchase of music cds and dvds in our site is reflected to [hanteo chart] and MIAK (Music Industry Association of Korea) which compile the sales volumn of korean domestic music cds and dvds.

Especailly, we send our sales history to in real time, using the automatic transmission system.

Monday, April 19, 2010

let's conquer Twitter Trending Topic!

this is the proof where ELFs are united around the world!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Donghae Tweet Update

 donghae861015  E. L. F Good Night ^^

he said this 40mins ago
and i'm going crazeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
oppa!!! saranghae!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Donghae's Tweet @ 04.32am

@donghae861015 지금 바람이 너무 많이 불어요~ㅠㅜ 오늘은 날이 추운가 봐요ㅜ 따뜻하게 입고 나가세용^^!!

{TRANS} It's very windy right now~ ㅠㅜ Looks like it's really cold todayㅜ Make sure you put on more clothes^^!! [cr: @twelfs]

p/s: please stay healthy!! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ELFs sweetest memory!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Donghae's Tweet on 2.30pm ^^

@donghae861015 필리핀 도착!^^이제 리허설 하러갑니다!^^공항에 진짜 많은 팬분들이 나와주셨어요!! 리허설도 열심히 !내일 콘서트도 열심히 !!기대해주세요!!^^

 [TRANS]: Arrived at Phillippines!^^ now the going to rehersal!^^ A LOT of fans came out to airport today!!! Hard work for rehersal! Hwaiting for tomorrow's concert as well!! Please look forward to it!! {source: @chrissy_PSB}

do i just stalked waited anxiously for Hae's twitting??

Super Good News

today has been a good day  i think.....or maybe can be week as we experience lots of ups news. let's spazzing it :D

1. our beloved baby Hae has his own Twitter account (Shindong started this trend). it's really great to have another SuJu boy who ventured in this hehe....for those who not yet following @donghae861015, please do. Hae's is quite a twitter though......This is one of Hae'a Twitpic

Credit: Donghae’s twitter + 没事多抽抽
reup/shared: minoko2440 @
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2. Super Junior will have their last SS2 concert tomorrow in Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines. They already arrived in Manila on 11.30am today and maybe will heading to dress rehearsal on 5pm [source: @sapphirepearls] Good Luck and have fun boys!!

3. and finally i managed to book my tix for next trip oversea yeay!! even though i have to put lots of money on that T_T hahahhaha.........please buy me a meal everyday :)

4. my schedule is quite full for next week. full with activities with close friends though....can't wait for that! 

5. have a great week everyone!! usual, i can't leave without a pic of the day :D
Credit: Shindong’s twitter
Trans: minoko2440 @
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lee Hyukjae

Dear my Hyukkie,

Happy birthday to you. May all this year will bring you all the happiness and joy in your life. Please be healthy and look up uopn your hyungs and dongsengs!

We ELFs love you and you always in our heart <333