Friday, April 9, 2010

Super Good News

today has been a good day  i think.....or maybe can be week as we experience lots of ups news. let's spazzing it :D

1. our beloved baby Hae has his own Twitter account (Shindong started this trend). it's really great to have another SuJu boy who ventured in this hehe....for those who not yet following @donghae861015, please do. Hae's is quite a twitter though......This is one of Hae'a Twitpic

Credit: Donghae’s twitter + 没事多抽抽
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2. Super Junior will have their last SS2 concert tomorrow in Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines. They already arrived in Manila on 11.30am today and maybe will heading to dress rehearsal on 5pm [source: @sapphirepearls] Good Luck and have fun boys!!

3. and finally i managed to book my tix for next trip oversea yeay!! even though i have to put lots of money on that T_T hahahhaha.........please buy me a meal everyday :)

4. my schedule is quite full for next week. full with activities with close friends though....can't wait for that! 

5. have a great week everyone!! usual, i can't leave without a pic of the day :D
Credit: Shindong’s twitter
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