Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That girl who ended the relationship first

That girl has a strong will.
She ended the relationship first.
Before the guy leave her.

That was her thought back then.

Will it be different if she didn't act on it?
Will it be different if she held back?

After all, the thoughts of breaking up already in her mind.
It is not news.
At leats in her head.

Did she regretted it?

Till then....

Friday, March 14, 2014

That Girl...

This story is about a girl who experienced unrequited crush for 10 years.
Was it a fling?
Was it a mere crush?

Is that really pathetic?

Is that girl too shallow?
That girl can't read the signs?

Anyhow, the 10 years crush just ended. She just said goodbye to the old her.

Till then.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things to do in Ipoh (Part 1)

If you're happen to be in Ipoh or plan to have a quick trip to Ipoh, you may consider this places.

I have a blast last weekend with my 2 friends. May consider for a repeat though. The places i've listed below are according to my visit.

1st Stop: Gopeng Heritage House
- we stopped here on our way to Ipoh, so we tok exit Gopeng from PLUS highway and heading towards Batu Gajah. From exit, this place is like 5 minutes by car. It is located at the center of Pekan Gopeng. No entrance fee, instead it has donation box to help them maintain this place. Donate as you please ^^

2nd Stop: Kellie's Castle
- the mystery tales is enough to draw you into this place. Seeing the old castle as a symbol of love from a man to his wife and son was overwhelmed. Kellie'e Castle is only 10 minutes form the 1st stop. Entrance fee only RM5.

3rd Stop: Japanese Garden, DR Seevanigam Park
- this is our first stop after arrived in Ipoh & checked-in at the hotel. The garden is quite nice but the current haze and dry season make it a bit unappealing but still have people strolled & jogged here. This garden is a collaboration between Ipoh and Fukuoka city.

4th Stop: Ipoh Railway Station
- this building has its own uniqueness which also known as Taj Mahal Ipoh to the local people. When we stopped by here, few amateur photographers are in action and also a wedding photo shoot is on-going. At this station, you can see Dewan Bandaran Ipoh building and also held a monument for Thailand-Burma Death Railway.

5th Stop: Kinta Riverfront Walk
- we came to this place after a big dinner, so to burn all that calories doesn't seem bad at all. This place is quite packed on Saturday night with families. You can rent bicycle here for affordable price to go around the park. This place is beautiful with all the colorful lights.

6th Stop: Birch Memorial Clock Tower
- we came here on Sunday after we had brunch at the food court next to this place. It was scorching hot at that time. The clock is still functioning perfectly though. This clock tower is next to Masjid Negeri Ipoh.

7th Stop: Ipoh Wall Art Mural (along Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar)
- it is quite tricky to find this street. It is scattered at small alleys along Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, which took us few rounds around the block to actually found it. But, its all worth the effort on 12 noon with sun shining so strong. I can't fit in all mural pics here, so you guys much go check it out.

- if you happen to be at Jalan Sultan Yussuf, go check the alley (next to Burps & Giggles cafe). You will find some cool murals too.

On my next entry will be about foods & cafes i did in Ipoh. Ipoh has so many urban cafes for you to check out & taste the good food.

Till next time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Roadtrip to Ipoh

I am passionate about travelling. as you all know it, travelling requires money.
and money requires job.

As i am not employed by anybody right now, travelling becomes harder. but i need to get away. so i figured if i can't travel outside of Malaysia, i still can do travelling locally. so i suggest this to my close friends & instantly we agreed for weekend getaway to Ipoh.

Last Saturday after Subuh prayer, the 3 of us started the journey. I am the only driver available so no take-turn for driving =,=

I'm the one who did the itinerary (yeahh...sounds poyos doing the itinerary for weekend trip...Ipoh pulak tu). the completed one as below.

We managed to cover all the places intended. Local buildings & heritage, food & more foods and also urban cafes. Somehow to us on this trip, we managed to discover interesting things that we can do here. Quite a surprise for us ;)

All in all, we really did enjoy the trip a lot.

I will post separate entries for the places I've been.

Friday, March 7, 2014

i'll be back?

i think i will start blogging again

my last post was on June 2011. that was 2 years and 8 months ago. hehe.

so, please expect a lot from me ;)