Thursday, June 26, 2008

Send This Kind Of Guy To Jail

I got up this morning with great feeling & looking forward for a great day ahead. And as usual i mesti amik that stupid commuter to Batu 3. But this morning not as usual coz ada this INDON JERK yang stand behind me. At first die try nak rapat-rapat so aku try tolak ke depan sket supaya aku jauh dari die. 2nd station from Bndr Tasik Selatan, this jerk nak keluar...and at that time he groped me from behind. S**T!!!! You Pig!!!!! Aku dah angkat tangan nak pukul die tp die sempat escaped coz tempat yang aku berdiri tu hampir dengan pintu. But aku sempat tgk half of his face and i swear if i meet him again & he tries to do the same thing to me (mintak dijauhkan), i will smack him hard on face. I SWEAR!

Orang taik camni patut hantar balik terus ke Indon and put his name in black list. Datang negara org konon2 dengan niat murni nak carik kerja yg bagus2, nak tolong anak bini tapi rupe2nya nak buat dajal kat tempat org...patut sumbat penjara jer tp lagi bagus kalau penjara kat Indon coz kalo ade org cmni kat penjara Malaysia...buat semak jer. Bencinye haku!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


LOVE is me...LOVE is us.
LOVE is joy...LOVE is sad.
LOVE is hot...LOVE is cold.
LOVE is give...LOVE is take.
LOVE is life...LOVE is lie.
LOVE is hope...LOVE is fail.
LOVE is pure...LOVE is sore.
LOVE is wise...LOVE is fool.
LOVE is happy...LOVE is pity.
LOVE is laugh...LOVE is tears.
LOVE is shared...LOVE is kept.
LOVE is grabbed...LOVE is missed.

PS: i just try to polish my poetic side hahahhahaha

Monday, June 23, 2008

Maxis-FNOC 1st Anniversary

On the 3rd week aku keje kat sini, FNOC department which is my department was having dinner at Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah on 19th June 2008. The setting quite nice and the place is so serene. Wish i cud own a house here (yeahh.....dream a little dream). Food is just nice nothing that's so bizarre. As a newbie in the house, aku xde la close dengan other co-workers yg dah lame keje kat sini but there are fews yg umur x jauh quite nice la.

What a small world it is, one of the guys yg baya-baya aku tue, who is anis happened to be my cousin's housemate :) very nice coincidence! The dinner is fun dengan games yang diatur oleh trainees kat sini & of course ade lucky draw. But as always, i'm not the lucky one T_T. Here are some pics over dinner.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vote of Confidence

Some of us have issue on this particular "CONFIDENCE' subject due to certain reason. Once, i was lack of this skill when i was in high school, but this situation with lack of confidence reduced with amount of time. As i got into higher education level, the confidence level getting stronger day by day as i climb the ladder to my stars. Well....some of us have to learn along the way how to manage things without spoon feed.

By the way, i wanna say a little opinion on today's newspaper headline. The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) declared that they had lost confidence in PM and soon leaving the Barisan Nasional. Is this a very shocking news or an expected one?? If some of u don't quite familiar with this party, SAPP is Chinese-based party which in today's The Sun showed a picture with 2 Malay men joined the team. I'm not try to be racist here because I'm not, but is there any relevant point for them to join this party??

Mungkin jika dilihat dari situasi sekarang, keadaan parti BN agak kecoh tapi kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia yg mempunyai our own beliefs should stick together to our nation. Tapi ape jua tindakan yg dibuat oleh SAPP mungkin telah difikir secara mendalam atau mungkin juga disebabkan personal greed seperti yg diulas oleh PM kita. Well you can judge by yourself.

" Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the STARS "

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hi....this is my first time ever have my own blog. still learn how to manage this stuff.

So, i welcome all of you to visit my page with a warm heart. Feel free to leave any comments as long as the comments didnt content any harmful statements to offend anybody or any sensitive issues. Thanx. XOXOXO