Monday, June 23, 2008

Maxis-FNOC 1st Anniversary

On the 3rd week aku keje kat sini, FNOC department which is my department was having dinner at Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah on 19th June 2008. The setting quite nice and the place is so serene. Wish i cud own a house here (yeahh.....dream a little dream). Food is just nice nothing that's so bizarre. As a newbie in the house, aku xde la close dengan other co-workers yg dah lame keje kat sini but there are fews yg umur x jauh quite nice la.

What a small world it is, one of the guys yg baya-baya aku tue, who is anis happened to be my cousin's housemate :) very nice coincidence! The dinner is fun dengan games yang diatur oleh trainees kat sini & of course ade lucky draw. But as always, i'm not the lucky one T_T. Here are some pics over dinner.


Ryehanna said...

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Heheh...and suro nyda wat gitu gak!