Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super Junior M in Malaysia - 28 May 2011

YES! You read it right!!

And it is FREE!!!!!!

Super Junior M will be in Malaysia this upcoming 28th May 2011 solely for Malaysia Youth Day. It is all over the internet now. I'm pretty sure all ELF are delighted.....or should i say, SUPER-DUPER JOY?

This called for a sapphire blue ocean once again in Malaysia. This will be a shocking to media (after the chaos caused by Berita Harian last few days) of how a great impact of KPOP artist bring to all of today's youth. Instead of the media wrote those negative view on Kpop, hence our government sees something good in it, which is bring the youth together under one common interest.

I think the clean cut images and characters carried by the members of Super Junior are one of the solid reasons for the committee to choose them to represent the youth today. Well, thats just my opinion on this. Maybe the experts know best!

Oh, you can read the rest of article about SJM coming to Malaysia here.

p/s: go prepare your sapphire blue lighsticks and balloons!! i'm hyped!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Masculinity Side??

Wonder what is this mean? Hmmm....just in simplified words, the side of you which you like the same gender as you, as applied here - my masculinity side (since i'm a girl). Do you get what i try to say? It's not like the way those gays or lesbos feel towards each other, but its more the way you admire everything about her/his. 

As in my case, I have my own girl crush. I like and love her a lot! if I was a guy, i will fall for her of course.

but, no the way that you imagine it now. XDD

And she is..... (drum rolls) AMBER LIU!!!
She has been my crush for a very long time. And now she's back after a long hiatus.....and OMG, she's sooooo hotttttttttttttttttttt~~~

Here comes the pic spams.....

....and i just cut my hair few days ago, and guessed which style i choose? of course i cut it just like her! LOL~

Singapore: Trips & Fan-girlings

This trip was solely planned based on our original plan to watch the Super Show 3 in Singapore since at that time, the show in Malaysia had been cancel. And since we will be there for the show, why not we turned on the 'trip mode' [the fan-girlings mode has been activated months before]

I was unofficially has been pointed as the one to arrange our program such as where to visit and where to eat where as others organize the plane tickets and Super Show tickets and hotels of course. And not forgetting the transportation mode hehe....(off course the trip revolves around MRT and taxi and planes and bus). I know you will never believe it if I said we took all those transportation for this trip XDD

1. the Changi Airport MRT

2. The Esplanade 

 3. The Marina Bay

 4. Merlion Park

5. The Anderson Bridge 

6. and of course our boys *so random*

7. ION Orchard

No need to elaborate more on the SS3 Singapore. It was mind blowing with the chances to see for myself the Lady HeeHee and BeyonHae & I missed those moments when our adrenaline pumped to maximum. the joy and the tears we had together.....

- the forever Lady HeeHee -

- BeyonHae & Gang -

- my love Yesung -  

- baby Kyu -  

- MinWook - 

- Us......the aftermath - 

you can check the rest of the photos here

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

okay....its been a long time

.....since i write here.

so, i made myself a list on what topic should i post here....hmm i should checked it in these few days.
i've got lost of stories to share...but got no time to post it here....(talking like a CEO) hahahahaha