Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Singapore: Trips & Fan-girlings

This trip was solely planned based on our original plan to watch the Super Show 3 in Singapore since at that time, the show in Malaysia had been cancel. And since we will be there for the show, why not we turned on the 'trip mode' [the fan-girlings mode has been activated months before]

I was unofficially has been pointed as the one to arrange our program such as where to visit and where to eat where as others organize the plane tickets and Super Show tickets and hotels of course. And not forgetting the transportation mode hehe....(off course the trip revolves around MRT and taxi and planes and bus). I know you will never believe it if I said we took all those transportation for this trip XDD

1. the Changi Airport MRT

2. The Esplanade 

 3. The Marina Bay

 4. Merlion Park

5. The Anderson Bridge 

6. and of course our boys *so random*

7. ION Orchard

No need to elaborate more on the SS3 Singapore. It was mind blowing with the chances to see for myself the Lady HeeHee and BeyonHae & I missed those moments when our adrenaline pumped to maximum. the joy and the tears we had together.....

- the forever Lady HeeHee -

- BeyonHae & Gang -

- my love Yesung -  

- baby Kyu -  

- MinWook - 

- Us......the aftermath - 

you can check the rest of the photos here