Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Masculinity Side??

Wonder what is this mean? Hmmm....just in simplified words, the side of you which you like the same gender as you, as applied here - my masculinity side (since i'm a girl). Do you get what i try to say? It's not like the way those gays or lesbos feel towards each other, but its more the way you admire everything about her/his. 

As in my case, I have my own girl crush. I like and love her a lot! if I was a guy, i will fall for her of course.

but, no the way that you imagine it now. XDD

And she is..... (drum rolls) AMBER LIU!!!
She has been my crush for a very long time. And now she's back after a long hiatus.....and OMG, she's sooooo hotttttttttttttttttttt~~~

Here comes the pic spams.....

....and i just cut my hair few days ago, and guessed which style i choose? of course i cut it just like her! LOL~