Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super Junior M in Malaysia - 28 May 2011

YES! You read it right!!

And it is FREE!!!!!!

Super Junior M will be in Malaysia this upcoming 28th May 2011 solely for Malaysia Youth Day. It is all over the internet now. I'm pretty sure all ELF are delighted.....or should i say, SUPER-DUPER JOY?

This called for a sapphire blue ocean once again in Malaysia. This will be a shocking to media (after the chaos caused by Berita Harian last few days) of how a great impact of KPOP artist bring to all of today's youth. Instead of the media wrote those negative view on Kpop, hence our government sees something good in it, which is bring the youth together under one common interest.

I think the clean cut images and characters carried by the members of Super Junior are one of the solid reasons for the committee to choose them to represent the youth today. Well, thats just my opinion on this. Maybe the experts know best!

Oh, you can read the rest of article about SJM coming to Malaysia here.

p/s: go prepare your sapphire blue lighsticks and balloons!! i'm hyped!


wawa bla bla bla said...

What time is the concert?

^arina^ said...

wawa: i think the concert will start at 9pm until 10pm. as it showed on the ticket

Anonymous said...

its mean i just could come there n watch them perform life for free??? Awesome... but is this confirm???

^arina^ said...

Anonymous: yup. this is confirmed by the organizers (marctensia who's bringing SJM here) and also Kementerian Belia dan Sukan

Shemmi said...

ahh..i wish i can go.....i miss the SS3..i dont to miss this anymore..(hahaha...SS3..its me who 'saja2' miss that show!pity me huh?..or....emm...stupid..haha)

^arina^ said...

@Shemmi: why u didn't go?? OMG! its like one of the best nights i had in my life!