Monday, May 2, 2011

Please Read The Labels........ read labels.

Thoroughly. If needed, do it like few times.

why i wrote this? it's because i experienced this misreading labels disease for a new hair product i bought last week. 

this is all because the misunderstanding on the labels and my cousin who bought the same item. i was clearly aware that this hair conditioner is not the leave-on type, but seeing my genius cousin applied it right before she bathed made me confused.

SO, when i used it for the first time, i treat it like leave-on hair conditioner and had it on my hair for like 12 effing hours!!! when i put it for the first time, i know something was not right, but i just ignore it until the next day. 

the next shower time, i do read the labels again and come across this phrase "apply it on wet hair and rinse it thoroughly after few minutes". DARN IT!

p/s: but today i get rid of this thing. gave it away to my bro. don't fancy the lavender scent for hair conditioner which make my hair smells like guys' hair LOL~~


lilyhannah said...

give it to me if your brother don't want it hehehehe

^arina^ said...

Lilyhannah: you are too late~~

Azmira Akmal said...

ko sgt fail!!! hahahahaha.. aku try test je bende alah tu!! hahahahahha

-your lovely cousin-

lilyhannah said...

LOL!! cousin anda yang failed tu kak mira ke hahaahaha
beli la satu botol baru bagi i :p

^arina^ said...

Lily: i give u a new one as besday present la ek...

and about the genius cousin are right. sbb die la i salah pakai. ciss.

Azmira: sbb ko try la aku terjadi macam tu