Sunday, May 8, 2011

Super Junior M in Malaysia - 28 May 2011 - Hari Belia Negara

ELF, compose yourself!!

TICKET has been out!

it's FREE!!

all you need to do is PRINT the ticket below and bring it on that day ^^

you can find the details here or you can view their official facebook page here

p/s: ELF, go get your sapphire blue lightsticks and balloons ready!


fz@ said...

jom g!!nk g!!....warghhhhhhhh

Aneka said...

arghhhh.. mau jgk... mau jgk.. jom2~

^arina^ said...

Fiza ? Aneka: jom2!!!! tak sabar dah ni

☆ !€yNtAn B€lL!N€ ♥™ said...

betul ke free??

^arina^ said...

yup!. its no joke.
its really free. u can check here