Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Engagement & Weddings

it's not my engagement or wedding by the way.

This upcoming months will be hard for me. Hectic schedules. I guess. Those months will be filled with tie-the-knot related business. dang! dang!

this doesn't mean that i have those days are fully booked but it does required attention from me. and it needs detailing. are the dates:

1) Fad & Lan Wedding - 27-29 May (all 3 ceremonies for the bride and groom)
2) Ila & Arom Engagement - 4 June (this one is in Melaka)
3) Zeze & Ezz Wedding - 10-12 June (all 3 ceremonies for the bride and groom)


i've yet to find the outfits for all these ceremonies #cryingforever
i found one for Ila's engagement. and as for those weddings, still need to ask the bride hehe
[Fad & Zeze: nak sponsor tak?]

for my wedding nanti, boleh tak nak request flower bouquet yang macam ni?
sapphire blue roses ^^

OR yang macam ni ;)


furaiah said...

Kak, nanti tak pergilah kak mina pny wedding on 28th may nnt? -Filzah

^arina^ said...

filzah: tak pegi kot. bertembung ngan wedding best fren

amir said...
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