Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Super Junior-M vs Fad&Lan

OTTOKE?? Macam mana ni??

28th May 2011 : such a crucial day for me.

two things that need my attention and my consideration:

1) Super Junior-M in Putrajaya for National Youth Day
2) Fad and Lan wedding reception in Penchala

this is a very tight battle that i have to choose. it's on the same date. don't know whether it will have the same time. pray it won't

now i know how some people feel when they have to choose between two. the feeling of having the important things in your life at the same time, but indeed you have to make the choice.

SJ-M on my left. Fad & Lan on my right.

Both are very precious.

as for SJ-M event, i do know what to wear. as for the wedding reception, i have nothing to wear. and i still have to think what i'm gonna wear to the wedding solemnization for those lovebirds.

*i'm dead*

p/s: need time think. and the essential one is, i need moneeeehhhh.......


fadhilah said...

hahhaha arinaaa!!!! aku dah agak dahhhhh...!!!! pls make a right decision bebeh!!!!!! :D

p/s: kalo aku tak kawen 28hb tu pun mesti aku gi sane! haha

rave said...

wah... lalalaalala

fadhilah said...

erk apesal gambar kt atas tu rase mcm gmbr kawen? haha over betul!!

^arina^ said...

Fad: tau xpe....betapa aku dalam dilema tau tak?

Encik rave: knpae link ko x dpt dibuka?

Shemmi said...

mungkin kena pegi dua2...n lagi best kalo dua2nye ada ditempat yg sama...(ah...adakah aku maksudkan Fad and Lan jemput SJ-M ke wedding mereka?....wahh...kalo benar x dijemput pn aku akan pegi majlis tuh!)

^arina^ said...

hahahah if SJM is invited to the wedding, it's going to be wedding of the year in Malaysia la....

but for sure, i will show up at both places hehe