Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SKC's Members' Day ^_^

i think it is not too late to share this joyful day with all of you...all i can say is this event was really great even though i'm a bit late to get there. when i reached there, the Gimbap Making competition is about to end :( thought i would able to join that....but after that i manage into the gimbap delicacies ^^ (feel happy) along with ttoebokkgi (spicy rice cake), kimchi & fried glass noodle. Yummy!!

at the end of the event, the SKC had Korean traditional game competition. One person can only choose to play one game. either 'Tuho' or 'Jegi'. i swear the 'Tuho' was a lot harder than i think it is. haih......luckily, my sister win the 1st prize worth RM300 for 'Jegi' game :) i don't have the pic for 'Jegi' game but i have one for 'Tuho' (too busy cheering for my sis to snap pic hehe)

1Malaysia - Korean Wave

i'm working again tonite. actually its the 2nd nite for this week...but then i'm not anticipate it like other days. dunno why. mood swing? i guess so. selalunya if keje malam i'll surely look forward since that time la aku banyak buat keje-keje haram kat ofis kan hehe...u know what i meant.
and tonight, mase tengah berjalan-jalan di this link on my timeline. siyesly cannot remember from who i got this but it really catches my eyes. i don't know how i missed this article few months ago (i think that was the time the article published on newspaper) LOL~~ 

and the caption on the picture certainly not coming from me ekeke.....thanx for who's feeding this on my timeline.

after read this article, all i cam say is that i agree for most of the opinion laid out there coz the 1Malaysia concept is supposed to be broadened in any way that possible. not just in context of our local mind. the writer also mentioned that he's sending his daughter to the concert with her Malay fren. that is the prove, to name one, that we can realize the 1Malaysia concept in garnering the same interests we have with other people regardless the race. 

and i'm quite agree when the writer mentioned that our PM and his committee can take this event as an example where mutual interest can lead to more happiness and harmony ^_^

p/s: this SuJu world that introduces me to the strangers who's then become frens regardless the race or religion. now i have contacts from Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh and of course all around Malaysia hehe....

ini gathering kilat sempena kedatangan org besau kite iaitu AtenTeuKyu ke KL haha....

*ini sesi fotografi di TS setelah memporak-porandakan poket sendiri*

*sesi fotografi semasa karaoke*lol~~

pendek kata, SuJu telah memperjodohkan kami semua ^_^ hwaiting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 Ramadhan Menjelma Lagi

...tapi kali ini disambut di ofis huhu. Bekerja pada 1 Ramadhan lain rasenya.

Pastu berbuka juga di ofis untuk dua hari berikutnya. Sangat la tidak best...

Kepada kawan-kawan semua tak kire lah kawan skolah atau kawan matrix atau kawan ukm atau kawan blog, semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa seribu keberkatan kepada kite. Same2 lah kita perbanyakkan amalan. Amin...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saranghaeyo Korea Club Member's Day Event (you can join too if you're not a member yet)

Great Day all,

For all registered KTO' SKC members....this event surely a compulsary ^^

KTO will organize the event only for SKC members, SKC Members’ Day.
Detail about the event is like as below.

Saranghaeyo Korea Club Members’ Day
Date :  7 Aug 2010, Saturday
Time :  10:00am-04:00pm
Venue :  Korea Plaza, GF Menera Hapseng, Jl. P. Ramlee, KL.
Activities :
-      Korean Food Trial Session :  Tteokbokgi, Kim-bap
-     Korean Traditional Folk Game Competition
l  Jegi-Chagi (male) : Jegi-chagi (제기차기) is kind of a game of hacky sack. jegi-chagi (제기차기) uses a shuttlecock.  The tip of the shuttlecock is covered with a coin.  A piece of cloth covers the coin.  This allows the shuttlecock to have a light base and a heavy top.  The goal is to keep the shuttlecock in the air, using just your legs.  If you use your arms or let it fall to the ground, then you’ve lost the game
l  Tuho(Female) :  Tuho (투호) is a game where you throw arrows into a vase.  The person who has the most arrows in the vase is the winner.  The vases may have several holes.  The main hole is in the middle.  The goal is to try to get the most arrows in the main hole.  The other holes don’t count
l  You can check Korean Traditional Folk Game via this video clip
l  Prize(Each competition)
Winner : RM300
First runner up : RM200
Second runner up : RM100
-       OX Quiz : several questions about Korea, SKC and KTO.

Every member who participates in the event will be given membership goodies(TBC).
Every member who attends the event can get 5 points for participation in SKC events.
Those who already get the membership card, please do not forget to bring it.
Those who didn’t pay the registration fee or didn’t register, can pay on that day and get the membership item at the same time. 

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Yuni at Tel: +603-21439000 or Fax: 03-2142 2515 or E-mail:

or you can go to their Facebook account here.

p/s: KTO will show us 2009 Dream Concert....daebak~~