Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1Malaysia - Korean Wave

i'm working again tonite. actually its the 2nd nite for this week...but then i'm not anticipate it like other days. dunno why. mood swing? i guess so. selalunya if keje malam i'll surely look forward since that time la aku banyak buat keje-keje haram kat ofis kan hehe...u know what i meant.
and tonight, mase tengah berjalan-jalan di this link on my timeline. siyesly cannot remember from who i got this but it really catches my eyes. i don't know how i missed this article few months ago (i think that was the time the article published on newspaper) LOL~~ 

and the caption on the picture certainly not coming from me ekeke.....thanx for who's feeding this on my timeline.

after read this article, all i cam say is that i agree for most of the opinion laid out there coz the 1Malaysia concept is supposed to be broadened in any way that possible. not just in context of our local mind. the writer also mentioned that he's sending his daughter to the concert with her Malay fren. that is the prove, to name one, that we can realize the 1Malaysia concept in garnering the same interests we have with other people regardless the race. 

and i'm quite agree when the writer mentioned that our PM and his committee can take this event as an example where mutual interest can lead to more happiness and harmony ^_^

p/s: this SuJu world that introduces me to the strangers who's then become frens regardless the race or religion. now i have contacts from Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh and of course all around Malaysia hehe....

ini gathering kilat sempena kedatangan org besau kite iaitu AtenTeuKyu ke KL haha....

*ini sesi fotografi di TS setelah memporak-porandakan poket sendiri*

*sesi fotografi semasa karaoke*lol~~

pendek kata, SuJu telah memperjodohkan kami semua ^_^ hwaiting!