Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SKC's Members' Day ^_^

i think it is not too late to share this joyful day with all of you...all i can say is this event was really great even though i'm a bit late to get there. when i reached there, the Gimbap Making competition is about to end :( thought i would able to join that....but after that i manage into the gimbap delicacies ^^ (feel happy) along with ttoebokkgi (spicy rice cake), kimchi & fried glass noodle. Yummy!!

at the end of the event, the SKC had Korean traditional game competition. One person can only choose to play one game. either 'Tuho' or 'Jegi'. i swear the 'Tuho' was a lot harder than i think it is. haih......luckily, my sister win the 1st prize worth RM300 for 'Jegi' game :) i don't have the pic for 'Jegi' game but i have one for 'Tuho' (too busy cheering for my sis to snap pic hehe)


noor afzan said...

mana muka ko ni arina.
rindu la weih..

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^arina^ said...

ko suke tgk muka aku ke weyh?? aku ingt reader aku yg x seberapa ramai neh dh muak tgk muka aku hehe