Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Junior 5th Anniversary Projects


6th November 2010 is nearing. Are you ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary? do you planned something? if you're not (or already planned something), why don't you check out these 2 project hosted by 


Activity: SJ Congratulatory message in EPOP! [all the massege will be featured in EPOP! magazine Malay version
Due Date : 4th October 2010
--> all you have to do is leave your short massege there in the forum. Here is the link 


Activity: Scrapbook for SJ [this is a meet up event]
Date: 25 or 26 Sept 2010 (to be confirmed)
Venue: The Gardens Food Court - 3rd Floor (next to MidValley Megamall)
--> CF decided to make this scrapbook more personal, meaning that you ELF will be the ones to design in! We will have a meet-up (details are below) to do this scrapbook. To make sure that everything goes according to plan, we have already prepared a list of events and information about the events that you will have design.

So this means that on the day of the meet-up, you will be given an event and on a piece of coloured paper you'll have to design a layout for that event. There's not specific layout that you'll have to follow so you can personalise it any way you like! You will also be supplied with a list of common Korean words and the event title in hangul so that the boys will understand what you have written. We will also be printing out pictures on glossy paper that you can use for the page that you will design. Then our staff will compile all the pages and make it a scrapbook. [cr:]

--> here is the link