Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Roadtrip to Ipoh

I am passionate about travelling. as you all know it, travelling requires money.
and money requires job.

As i am not employed by anybody right now, travelling becomes harder. but i need to get away. so i figured if i can't travel outside of Malaysia, i still can do travelling locally. so i suggest this to my close friends & instantly we agreed for weekend getaway to Ipoh.

Last Saturday after Subuh prayer, the 3 of us started the journey. I am the only driver available so no take-turn for driving =,=

I'm the one who did the itinerary (yeahh...sounds poyos doing the itinerary for weekend trip...Ipoh pulak tu). the completed one as below.

We managed to cover all the places intended. Local buildings & heritage, food & more foods and also urban cafes. Somehow to us on this trip, we managed to discover interesting things that we can do here. Quite a surprise for us ;)

All in all, we really did enjoy the trip a lot.

I will post separate entries for the places I've been.