Monday, December 27, 2010

SS3 Singapore : [Malaysia+Singapore] Mini-Banner Project


to those who are attending this upcoming SS3 in Singapore on 29 Jan 2011, i like you to read this awesome project and participate if possible ^^


A few months ago we announced our affiliation with SS3@SG as you read here (HERE). After much discussion, we have decided to collaborate with SS3@SG for a fan project that will be held on the 29th of January (1st concert) . This post will be about the actual project, our application for project leaders and also donations towards the event.

Our special collaboration with SS3@SG will be a mini-banner project. The mini banner will be printed and then distributed during the concert. The banner will be free for all ELF during the concert, but will only be distributed to ELF seating in the seats we have pre-selected.

This is a picture of the banner, which says "감사합니다". Which basically means, "Thank You" in Korean. This is in a way to thank SJ for the amazing performance they put on and for everything they have done for ELF up to today. Although it's a simple message, we hope that the project will move them and that they'll appreciate it.

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Project Leaders ---✩
In order for the project to go well, we plan to select "Project Leaders" which will come from each Terrace. The terraces are blocks ( T34, T35, T36, T37, T38, T39, T40, T01, T02, T03, T04, T05, T06, T07, T08, T09, T10,T11, T12, T13 and T14 ) There will be one leader from each Terrace and that leader will be required to do a few things, such as :

1. Brief everyone in their Terrace about the project.
2. Answer questions about the project.
3. Remind ELF in that Terrace when it is almost about time for the project occur.
4. Lead the project when the time comes

We are looking for sociable and responsible individuals that are willing to lead their section well to ensure the success of this project. They must also be committed and open minded when it comes to the project taking into consideration the occasional frustration of working with other people and dealing with different personalities. We accept people coming from any country, whom MUST be free 2-3 hours prior to the concert and have a reasonable grasp of English. The more languages you speak, the better.

If you are interested and feel capable for the job, please e-mail in the following format :



Full Name (As per Identification Card/Passport) :
Contact Number (Handphone): (Please include country code e.g. +6 )
Active E-Mail Address :
Age :
From Which Country :

Ticket No.: (e.g. Row 14, Block T10 )
Language(s) Spoken : (Please label which language is your native/first language)
Why do you think you are capable of becoming a project leader? ( No more than 50 words) :

** Please read the requirements carefully before applying and also ensure that all you're details are fully filled out before sending the email application. Also take note that sending an application does not guarantee that you will get the position as we will choose whoever we see best fitted to the job.

Donations ---✩
Lastly, as the banners need to be printed out etc. We need donations to fund this project and ensure that it is successful. To donate for the project, please bank-in your money to:

Natasha Iman Bt Mohd Azri Periasamy
Bank: Maybank
Acc. No. : 112362299692

** Please PM 슈퍼HEE✭ or Natasha94 at ChocoFam to confirm your donation!
** can ask them at Twitter @cheng_san or @NinjaNat94 :)

We strongly encourage everyone to donate towards this project, especially the Malaysian ELF that will be attending SS3 Singapore, as it is a great way to support our fellow ELF to make their concert a great one.

If you have any questions regarding the position of "project leaders", donations or even just the projects, feel free to leave a reply here, reply us on twitter or send us an email.

Thanks ELF!