Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ini baru betul laman sesawang.... is exactly 80th day since the last time i'm updated this blog. it is truly a cobweb's place haha....

i've pretty occupied with my SuJu-world and lots of things happened though~~ i will put a summary in these 80 days of my missing in blogging-land.

1. i have more interest in SuJu and occupied myself in the new world of Twitter-land haha....

2. my head was filled with plans at that time which consumed a lot time in my schedule.

3. i had my 3-weeks off from my work just to have my second trip to U.S.A with my family and came back home with's hot in Texas haha...but it was colder in Los Angeles ^^

4. one week later, my friend Fad was engaged to long time bf, Mr Raven. but unfortunately i can't attend it coz i had another commitment on that day. Tahniah by the way. Hadiah tu nanti aku bagi mase korang kawin yer....

cr: zeze yg amik pic ni

5. Joined the (Saranghaeyo Korean Club) SKC's event - Street Cheering for The Reds (South Korean football team) in Ampang Korean Community. The best experienced ever.....hehe. The Koreans surely high in passion for their country ^^

6. i registered myself to forum and joined the 1st gathering dedicated to Malaysian ELF! yeay!! it was so much fun and lots of Korean foods! Daebak!!


7. i've become the Spazz Leader for Kang-in at Chocofam forum!! this super excited. Gazzilion thanks to the mods!

8. then tonight...i've found out that another friend of mine got a 'merisik' session on 10.07.2010. WOW!!...nak join Fad la tuh. ciss

~that's all i can think of now~
~till later~ 


fadhilah said...

hahaha 80 days~ bersawang abes blog nih..:D

btw thanks for the wish n jgn lupe hadiah..!! :D

ze da sudah, ko bile lg? aku rase ko dpt org korea la.. tp bkn artis2 yg hensem tu la (nada tak puas hati) =P

3.z.z.3 said...

ceisss...ceisss.....berjalan xhajak....cisss....menci tau...

^arina^ said...

amin....moga2 doa fad biarla dpt macam artis tu hehe