Friday, January 2, 2009

More Edward please!

Aku kat ofis. Malas. Tapi ada report tak siap lagi.
Masih lagi usaha gigih. Tsk...Tsk...

Aku tengah merayau-rayau kat web GSC sebab nak tengak show Twilight ada lagi tak. Give me Edward Cullen please! Hard plane face, crooked smile & a perfect set of teeths.

Plan nak tengok esok untuk kali ke-3 *wink* with cousins. Can't wait! I still can feel the adrenaline pumping faster than it should be. Like Bella said, " Don't forget to breathe" and like Edward said, "my heartbeat would quicken if i had a heartbeat".

PS-i have wait for you for a very long time. Please come and reveal yourself.