Friday, January 28, 2011

Jang Hyuk Meet and Greet Session by Astro ONEHD

Date: 18 Jan 2011
Venue: Level 2, Ritz-Carlton Hotel 

Anyone who watched his drama such as A Successful of A Bright Girl (with Jang Nara), All About Eve (with Oh My Lady's Chae Rim) and the my personal favourite, The Slave Hunter (with My Girl's Lee Da Hae) will recognize this hot guy. And even HOTTER in real life!!

He was in Kuala Lumpur to promote his latest drama Midas along with Lee Min Jung (Boys Over Flower). This drama just started the shooting last 3 weeks. Astro ONEHD was the one who brought Jang Hyuk here for MnG session and press conference.

I was damn lucky to get this pass from a girl named Jia, who is my cousin found online. She got like...ermmm 2 extra passes since she didn't bring anyone to the MnG session. And she's giving the passes to us for FREE!!!
We couldn't express enough thanks to her for making my dream to meet Jang Hyuk in person. PLUS, we did seated in the first row!!

Believe me, when i said he is HOT. Let the pics do the rest.....

 - the interview session with the help from the translator ^^ -

 - ohh.... so hot! -

 - our happy grin XDD -

- with Serena C, the MC for that afternoon - 

> please don't mind the not so  high definition pics
> i took it with my iphone4
> i rushed to the hotel from Immigration Office in Shah Alam on 2.00pm whereby the MnG started on 3.00pm, and still need to pick up my cuz in Setiawangsa. fuhhh
> i didn't expect that we've got the passes in last minutes. glad that i decently dressed that day >.< even i don't have camera hehe