Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Making Kimbap ^^

For some of you who didn't know what the heck Kimbap must be familiar with rice rolls or sushi roll ^^
it's the same thing dear....

- ingredients-
sushi rice (cooked)
seaweed roasted laver
(u can put whatever u like as the fillings such as crab meet, omelet, carrot etc. )

i don't really know how to explain the process but you can grasp the concept with the pictures below ;)

- the fillings and seaweed laver -

- the rolling process -

- the result ^^ -


IzZzY said...

Good work Arina, looks delicious. ;)

fz@ said...

arina korean dh skrg..nk sket.hihi

^arina^ said...

Johan, yup...i wonder if you eat japanese food or not hehe

Fiza: nak try ke??

IzZzY said...

Arina: Well, I do eat it, but it's not very common outside the major cities here, so I rarely get the chance to eat it. :)