Friday, January 28, 2011

my 21st birthday

tak percaya?? yes, trust me....i'm 21 years old
[deep in my heart]

the truth is yet so painful. 
i'm 26.
i'm old.
huwaaa TT_TT

nothing special for my birthday.
but i did a late celebration with my Young Woon on 17th Jan.
i will celebrate it abroad with 12 hot guys on 29th Jan.
....and i will do it again on 19 Mrach. this time i'll do it in Malaysia.

YES, my birthday is a big celebration indeed. LOL ~~

- i did get a surprise birthday cake from colleagues in the meeting room >_0 -


ento|put said...

number is just a figure. no worries dear. kita still muda..n always young at heart~ =)

^arina^ said...

hahahaha sgt la tepat