Monday, March 2, 2009

my personal thanx

Miss Arina said:
Thanx for all those time and of course thanx for hiring me without interview
I really learnt a lot from you either in good ways or not good ways hahahaahah
Tapi boss memang I hope can work longer under you but its fine just as you said take & view everything in positive ways.
Lepas ni kalau diagram tak betul boleh complaints terus kat boss la. Tak payah suruh Jais lagi heheheh
So boss, good luck for both oh us at new place (walaupun cpc bukan lagi asing pada bos dan walaupon nmc ni sangat la tak best)
Hope we’ll keep in touch.
Mr. A said:
I’m happy with your progress.
Keep it up and if you’d like to, I’m more than happy to continue to be your mentor.
Miss Arina said:
Salam upon you boss,
Really glad. Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru tadahkan.
Mr. A said:
K – done.
If you need any help/advise/opinion/suggestion etc .. just give me a ring/email/communicator etc.
We’ll keep in touch
Miss Arina said:
Okay boss.
Thanx a lot. Nanti kalau saya nak register untuk ahli Pifa saya carik boss