Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No More NESM

That is the latest news in my department. No more NESM. No more FNOC. Gone. Vanished.

Petang tadi HOD dah umumkan the list sape pegi department mana & sape kena campak group mana. Sedih bila tengok team yang selama ni kita keje sama-sama dah tak jadik satu team. And of course I'm gonna have new bosses who are remain in the dark. Nasib baik lunch tadi gi makan with my two bosses. Kire macam farewell lunch kot :(

My new place will be with group Network Operations - Fault Managements a.k.a NMC but I still relieved sebab nama aku bukan dalam group Shared Services which is called the 'pull list'. Still aku ni macam dikehendaki lagi la ^ahaks^

Esok akan ada briefing session with CTO & new HOD kat Sentral. Hopefully we will hear something good there.

+++ To my current bosses Mr. A, another Mr. A & Mr. Z and colleagues, I'm glad for the oppurtunities we had and lots of ups and downs for these past few months. And of course I can't thanked all of you enough for the lessons and guidance +++

Good Luck Everybody!


filz said...

ha? da kena bubar da?

fault management still kt SHTI kn?

sape those bosses?? ehe..bossy nk tau :P

Anonymous said...

Haah. Fnoc dah xde. So akak,azree,kak dila,zul n mugun masuk nmc. Anis stay ngan grup sara. Sume org dah separate.

Kak dila ngan azree dpy faizan, zul dpt raja asri, akak dapat sara.