Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm not yet away from my grief moment over the fact that i'll have a new management & report to other person rather than Mr.A. I'm so fond of having him nagged at me for my own good. Either in good ways or not so good ways.

And very lucky for me as he is my mentor now and i really look high upon him. He said if i'm having hard times or just need advice or opinion just ring him or email him or thru the communicator. I'm touched.

I know I owned him a lot for where I am standing today. Of course I can't thanked you enough.

I give you my sincerest thanx, Mr. A. We'll be in touch :)


fadhilah said...

Owh Mr. A =)

^arina^ said...

ko tau ke Mr A ni sape?

fadhilah said...

mcm tau...

^arina^ said...

hahahhaha bagus2. tak sia-sia ko keje kat sini dulu