Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Rolling

Such a splendid and fabulous time last night. The Maxis Annual Dinner 2008 which held in KL Convention Center brought fun as we dressed ourselves in 60's and 70's mood. WOW!

We are celebrating our success and works in much more vibrant surrounding and having fun with the colleagues thru out the night while enjoying the Chinese servings. Btw, I'm not such a big fan of this kind of food but I kind of like the crispy cookies they served as dessert. Yummy....!

The entertainments are quite good with the 60's musical show and artist performance such David Arumugam and Francessca Peters and the function was hosted by sweet Ally Iskandar (who's i have crushed on hahahhaha) and Cheryl Samad. All the photo booth, crazee makeover face painting are the add-ons for this evening. Long story short, I enjoyed last night. And many thanks to my colleague who's willing to drop me off and waited for my cousins to pick me up at 12 midnite. Very much appreciated.

"Let's put passion in everything we do...."