Friday, October 17, 2008

Public Display Affection - Unfaithful

Ape sebenarnya maksud aku melalui tajuk di atas?

Aku masih lagi struggle untuk memahami tujuan sesetengah orang yang mempunyai fikiran singkat dalam menerajui suatu hubungan. Kenapa mesti ada perasaan kasih dan cinta jika perasaan itu akan pudar suatu hari nanti? Kenapa kita mesti jatuh cinta berkali-kali?

Jika zaman dahulu, suatu ikatan perkahwinan itu suci jika diakhiri dengan perkahwinan. We will cherish it until our last breath. But now, we define the relationship with a new meaning. How can a marriage that suppose to last until death do they apart, become meaningless in a blink of an eye? Unfaithful? Love at the first sight with other person other than your partner?

I just hate person who do this at the first place. It will be heart wrenching if it revolves around person whose close to ourselves and played as the victim for this situation. I just don't get it.

Where is the love?

How can an unfaithful person use the technology a.k.a Internet to broadcast the affair??? What is the purpose? To let the whole world know about that, of course! Without concern about the partner that they cheated behind.

Damn you!!