Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ini movie latest yang aku tengok kat cinema. Very good movie with very good math skill. Jim Sturgess will always be my favourite since Across The Universe...not only he's h.o.t but surely very talented guy and smart. Movie ni berkisarkan mengenai blackjack dan students MIT yg buat counting cards. This is a true story.

Dan untuk pengetahuan semua, first movie yang aku tgk yang feature Jim ialah Across The Universe. I'm looking forward to watch The Other Boleyn Girl yg diadaptasikan daripada novel even I'm not into Scarlett Johansson hehehe.... The other movie starring Jim is Heartless

Here are the posters


Ryehanna said...

best ke citer 21 tu? teringin nak tgk tp xde ms nk g cinema... mcm kena beli cetak rompak je...heheh...

Azraie and The Blog-blog Factory said...

21 is a good movie... luckly I had its softcopy so i watched several times. Wish I could count like that. Then i could be extra rich. hahaha~!