Tuesday, July 22, 2008

all Good Things never ends

Hi miss me? :) I've been busy all the way from last week. And i have some good news to share here.

Just last week on 11th July 2008, my sister Afiza gave birth to a very cute n chubby baby boy at 7.52 a.m who weight 3.58kg =^_^= The whole family is overjoyed especially my B-I-L yang sangat mahukan baby boy hahahhahah. This baby boy was named as Amaar Danish bin Hamri.

........Now make a way for baby Amaar Danish grand entrance........

On 12th July 2008, I flew to Langkawi for vacation with my best fwens Zimie & Ila (but she's already there). This is very exciting journey bcoz it's been 2 years tak jumpa Ila :P Hopped on plane ngan Zimie je....and memang Langkawi is a very beautiful island. Water is so blue...Sand is white =^_^=

Biaselah kalau pegi Langkawi x sah kalau kita x shopping macam2. Memg best la kalau bawak duit utk shopping jer :D Tempat2 yg kitorg pegi such as Pantai Chenang, Jetty Point, Harbour Park, Dataran Lang & yang palingg best take a boat tour to Pulau Dayang Bunting & Pulau Beras Basah which costed us about rm40 :)

> Shopping $opping<

>Pantai & Cable Car & Animal Farm<